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MD Bienestar is one of our dreams come true.

It was born in times of pandemic. Times of uncertainty where nevertheless some dreams became life projects.

MD Bienestar is more than a company. It is the form that our will has taken to accompany all those who ask for it and need it in their process towards physical and emotional wellbeing.

The pillars of MD Bienestar:

“Your well-being is our raison d’être”.

“To be heard is to be healed”.

Our pillars represent the different jobs we do.

As our book “Back to the heart, the cure for suffering” shows, we believe that to be healthy a person has to be balanced in different areas.

The different works carried out at MD Bienestar work on accompanying people on a physical level (osteopathy, chiromassage, etc.) on an emotional level (biodynamics, Bach flowers, etc.) on a mental level (meditation, books such as “returning to the heart”) and also in the social field through future workshops or as a meeting place where we can share what happens to us with the confidence that it will remain within the walls of MD Bienestar and us.

At MD Bienestar we believe that every person is born to serve others. We work and trust in the need for a common welfare.

The healing listening of which we speak (to be listened to is to be healed) consists of being for the other person, attentive to what comes to us from them through all the senses by means of full attention and from the heart, without judgement.

It is: “I am in me, I am for you”.


We are Encarnación Fernández Medina (Encarni) and Antonio Miguel Muñoz González (Toni).

Since I (Encarni) went to an osteopath for the first time, one of my teachers, Emilio Llopis (DEP), I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to accompany people towards their physical and emotional wellbeing: Emilio Llopis (DEP) I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to accompany people towards their physical and emotional wellbeing.

I started training around 2010 and started giving my first massages by doing a chiromassage course. Passionate and eager to add more value, I continued to train and work day by day to better accompany my clients and friends.

With more than 2000 hours of training (I continue recycling myself and acquiring new knowledge) in everything that I offer today in MD Bienestar and more than 10 years of experience in the sector of manual therapies (SPA, chiromassage and osteopathy centres…) I decided to take the leap and leave the comfort of working for a company where I was treated very well and had a stable salary to enter a journey as a freelancer at the moment of greatest uncertainty, a world in the middle of the pandemic.

With respect but also with courage, determination and the security of knowing what I needed to do to continue adding value to this sector, I took the step and together with my husband Toni, we began to work on the essence of MD Bienestar.

To this day I continue to recycle, train and improve myself day by day in order to offer the best of myself to my clients, partners and friends of MD Bienestar.

Some of the different trainings that I have done and that I have agreed in personalised individual or couple sessions if there is a demand are the following:

Craniosacral Osteopathy
Structural and Visceral Osteopathy
Upper and sports chiromassage

Dynamic quietness
Foot reflexology

Thai massage
Bamboo cane massage

“A massage is a pleasure for the body and a caress for the soul”.

Encarnación Fernández Medina


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